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real estate mortgage loans and paperwork
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We Buy and Sell Mortgages

Do you need to sell your note fast and get a fair price? We at Blythe Consulting Group are experts in note buying and selling Get a Free quote in writing. We have the experience to structure the note to meet your cash flow needs We purchase all types of notes particularly specializing in owner-financed notes occupied and non-owner occupied.

Equipment Financing

Businesses frequently require new machinery, but they do not always have the capital to purchase it entirely! Whether you need additional equipment or replace your existing equipment we can finance these fixed assets for you. In either instance affordable equipment financing is readily available for the purchase of furniture, fixtures and heavy equipment allowing you to conserve your capital!

equipment financing
Purchase Order Financing

Buy order financing is a simple and quick way to improve a company’s cash flow. This strategy entails borrowing funds from the company’s operating capital. Any acceptable monthly payment arrangement should include both the principal and the interest. When you use Blythe Business Consulting Firm to fund your purchase order and your firm pays us monthly, we send the payment directly to your supplier so that they may deliver the product to you. There is no necessity for you to submit an advance payment for the execution of your purchase order.
Buy orders for inventory must be fulfilled before purchase order obligations are met. Obtain and Maintain Your Customers’ Satisfaction

Purchase Order Financing
Mezzanine Loans
Mezzanine Loans
Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine and classic subordinate loans are examples of subordinate loans that combine equity and debt. There are advantages and disadvantages to a situation in which a corporation is compelled to give up some of its equity. Even if the interest rates are high, it is tax deductible. The great majority of mezzanine loans are given to companies that have a track record of profitability and quick growth.
It is possible to claim a tax deduction for the interest paid on borrowed funds.

Reverse Consolidation

Several companies have gone to great efforts to safeguard their financial soundness. There’s no need to be embarrassed if you’ve had to take out many bank advances and are now short on cash. There are numerous scenarios in which business owners may require multiple merchant cash advances.

Get rid of your financial worries. You might want to consider using reverse consolidation to restore control of your money flow. If you fail to meet your MCA obligations, it may have long-term consequences for your organisation that are difficult to reverse.

Using merchant cash advances as an example, we can see that reverse consolidation involves increasing the amount borrowed while concurrently decreasing the amount paid back each month.

Reverse Consolidation
Media Financing
Media Financing
Media Financing

Our company has always been on the cutting edge of the film production industry since it was formed by producers for producers. In contrast to a traditional bank or other form of lender, we have the knowledge and abilities to create flexible credit that can satisfy any requirement.
It makes it easier for organisations, producers, and media companies to secure funding. Contracts for pre-sales or receivables, tax credits, minimum guarantees, and negative pick-ups are a few instances of senior-secured loans using firm assets as collateral. Some of the flexible funding solutions we provide include bridge loans, deposits made with film unions, gap loans, and operating capital.

We have extensive manufacturing experience and can assist you in achieving your objectives if you are looking for speed, reactivity, and accountability in addition to those attributes.

Working Capital

Working capital refers to funds set aside expressly for a company’s day-to-day operations and expenses. It reflects the organization’s present financial situation. Working capital loans from a reputable lender can help organisations improve their cash flow and secure future endeavours. This type of financing is designed with a quick turnaround time to support borrowers with acute financial needs. Alternate Funding Group will often require daily or weekly payments of a predetermined amount when offering working capital loans.

Simple and Fast Financing Options for Your Current and Future Financial Well-Being

Working Capital
Merchant Cash Advance
Merchant Cash Advance

Rather than a loan, a merchant cash advance provides you with an advance on the money you make from credit card sales. Your daily credit card transactions will be divided with the company that is lending you money. After submitting a minimal amount of documents, you should be accepted within a day or two of submitting your application. In exchange for the ease, you will almost definitely be obliged to pay a higher interest rate. This strategy is helpful for short-term opportunities that require urgent cash, but it can rapidly become prohibitively expensive if you need money to get out of debt. This solution, however, is appropriate when a short-term opportunity necessitates fast cash. Because of the rising expenses of merchant cash advances, it is critical to avoid relying on these loans as a long-term solution.


Temporary Business Arrangement

Access to funds without the need to make long-term commitments


Business Loans in a Hurry

A quick and simple way to raise capital for your company. Money that moves at the speed of your choosing.


Working Capital

excellent for both day-to-day operations and growth.


Only ACH bank advances are accepted.

This initiative simplifies the factoring process while also opening access to a previously untapped receivable.


Invoice Financing via P.O.

Purchase orders and invoices are paid for by Blythe Business Consulting


A Merchant Cash Advance

They are great for businesses that want to pay back their loans in a flexible way.

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